Jeremy Boeh


Jeremy is from Greenville, SC by way of Cincinnati, OH. He is the President/CEO of the NEXT School Foundation, Founder, and CEO of IOE Consulting, an Iraq war veteran and speaker.

Jeremy got a rather late start in his professional career graduating from Wofford College at 28 after two tours in Iraq. During the course of the last seven years Jeremy has become a subject matter expert in curriculum development, strategic growth, professional development and leadership. He has had the opportunity to be featured as a keynote speaker, podcast guest and thought leader across the United States covering topics ranging from personal storytelling to leadership and management.

As a military officer, Jeremy serves as a strategic planner and decision maker for the Chemical Corps.; using his leadership and combat experiences to steer the military’s future leaders towards success.

Jeremy has served as the Founding Entrepreneurship Director of NEXT High School, Co-Founder and Director of Entrepreneurship of The Space at Wofford College, and advocate for entrepreneurial growth in communities. He has a passion for helping people and communities tell their stories, building cool stuff and disrupting education.

Jeremy lives in South Carolina with his wife and daughters.

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